Backwoods Canada – You Need to Read This

Backwoods Canada


Like the US, Backwoods cigars are available worldwide, including Canada. Canada had legalized Backwoods cigars and every cigar type until 2009 when the incumbent government changed the law.

Now, the law prohibits Backwoods cigars and other cigars in Canada if they contain flavors like mint, apple, honey, and other fruits and additives lethal for youth health. The government believes that flavors induce youth to smoke what otherwise they may not have. Thus, Backwoods Cigars cannot be available in flavors. The government fosters flavorless cigars to repel or discourage youth from smoking.

Moreover, the regulation over distribution and marketing of flavored cigars are stringent. Now, Backwoods cigars must be flavorless to be available in Canada.


Altadis USA is the owner and manufacturer of Backwoods Cigars, the world’s best natural, machine-made cigars. They have outstanding quality with a rustic appearance. Moreover, these cigars have an insightful, intriguing story behind their advent in the world marketplace.

In the 50s and 60s, the tobacco industries were at zenith because it could easily advertise their products and sell freely. Its main advertising channels were radio and television. However, in the 1970s, the USA president, Richard Nixon, regulated the tobacco industry heavily with regulated advertisements.

As a result, tobacco manufacturers came across an innovative way to bypass the regulation. In other words, this was the time of the advent of cigars. In this era, the cigar giant, Backwoods Cigars, gave birth. This brand used to claim that its product was for both mild and wild users. Moreover, customers could smoothly go and perform outdoor activities with cigars.

Marketing Strategy by Backwoods cigars

Backwoods cigars advanced with great marketing campaign through radio and television. In the beginning, the mountain climbing ad where a person had a cigar in hand and climbing the mountain became very famous among rock climbers and youngsters.

Backwoods cigars had also become distinctive in the hip hop community. Both the east and west Coast became the spot of rising sales because both regions preferred different flavors.

Finally, these cigars had seen a lot of promotion without cost. In other words, many rappers had mentioned the cigars in their songs. The famous songs are ‘Hotline Bling’ of Drake and ‘Loss Kiss Goodnight’ of BIG,

Why Backwoods Cigars are famous

  • Aromatic and flavorful
  • Source of relaxation
  • Often use for celebration
  • Very affordable
  • Great value
  • Provide multiple health benefits

Potential Side effects of Backwoods Cigars

  • Lung and oral cancer
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Laryngeal cancer

Prominent products of Backwoods cigars

Since its inception, Backwoods cigars have developed a variety of portfolio of products. In other words, cigars are customizable. Every region or area gets a distinctive flavor of Backwoods cigars what they like it. Thus, we would like to highlight some of its products available worldwide.

Russian Cream

These cigars are 100% natural tobacco with dark coffee, the taste of vodka, and fresh cream. Moreover, they have Connecticut broadleaves wrapped around them with a rustic and frayed end. It has eight packs of 40 cigarillos.


It comes from a mixture of natural and homogenized tobacco. These cigars have sweet honey that will cause you to feel tasty. This brand is an excellent choice of different flavors with eight packs of 5-40 cigarillos.

Honey Berry

Like other packs, it has some weight and cigars. However, it has the flavor of both honey and berry. These sweet smokes are the best for your quick smoking and taste.

Honey Bourbon

These cigars also have natural tobacco. Moreover, they are different because of the sweet honey and barrel-aged bourbon. Very good for everyday smoking.

Original Mild N Wild Pack

This pack has a macho appeal with rustic and frayed end Backwoods cigars. Very enjoyable for everyday smoking.

Other famous brands

Apart from these products, there are multiple best-selling products from Backwoods cigars. These cigars are Vanilla, Grape, Banana, Cherry, Sweet Aromatic, Dark Stout, Rum, Ice Wine, Buttered rum, Whisky, Black N Sweet, and Gold, and Port. These products are available at their respective vendors.

How Backwoods Cigars are produced

  • Tobacco leaves come from the fields after harvesting
  • A curing process uses shade and heat to decrease sugar and water content from the leaves
  • Remember that curing varies from flavor to flavor.
  • Sheds store the harvested tobacco
  • The fermentation process starts that regulates temperature and humidity for flavor, aroma, and other characteristics.
  • Baling and inspection process continues in the aging process
  • Moistening the leaves take place after sorting out for either wrapper or filler
  • Finally, machines make the final products for you

How to smoke Backwoods Cigars


Many cigars come in cut or twirled form from both sides. However, the colossal of Backwoods Cigars also come in the form of one straight cut. The other way has often capped with small pieces of the wrapper. Thus, it would be best if you cut the cap end of the cigar for proper smoking. It will help if you use guillotine, punch, or V-cut for cutting your cigars.


You can use a variety of things to light your cigar. The most common is lighter. What you must do is to hold a cigar in your hand and place the tip above the flame. Then, you must rotate the cigar for even burning. Finally, it would help if you remembered that only the end gets burn—no need to burn it heavily because it will make you feel less flavor and taste.


The Canadian government has put every effort to ban the marketing campaign of Backwoods cigars. Unfortunately, these cigars are the most flavorful. Thus, the customers may not opt for unflavored products once the company launches. The flavors are an essential marketing strategy to induce youth and other populations. Now, the company has only to target customers without flavors.

Backwoods cigars are the product of heavy regulation of President Nixon on the tobacco industry. Over the years, the company has developed excellent flavors for a variety of tastes for people.

Cigars are very entertaining in parties, celebrations, and amusement because of flavor and aroma. However, you cannot deny the fact that its side effects are very lethal. In other words, by smoking cigars, you expose to the risk of cancer.

No doubt, Backwoods Cigars are the product of natural ingredients. These compounds come through the curing process.

The cigars are available worldwide. You can shop online from local or international vendors. For that, you must see their legalization status.